IMC Coursework: Real-World Career Skills for Today

Video Transcript

Layth Yehyawi:
One of my goals for the year was to move more into paid media and being confident in that realm from a data standpoint, talking about big budgets, emailing with execs and what have you. And I really found myself, in class, talking about those concepts where Roy was designing homework assignments like, "Hey, here's the real example of an email, a CMO or an SVP of marketing will send you about a campaign, asking your feedback on where you should go from here. And your homework assignment is to analyze the data, interpret it and then respond as if you were really responding to an Exec.”

I found of myself in situations where I was doing the assignment and then the next week I was in a position where I was sending an email like that for the first time, or about a new campaign for the first time over a big budget, and I was like, "Yeah, I know how to do that." Right? So picking the classes, I've been strategic in picking the ones that I think will help me book long-term but also in the day-to-day.