Jonathan Copulsky
IMC Program Senior Lecturer

How to Build and Lead an Effective Marketing Team Through Accelerating Change

Strategic Insights for Professional Marketers

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Keys for Successful Digital Leadership

How can your marketing team and organization thrive through ever-accelerating change? Author and Senior Lecturer Jonathan Copulsky shares research-backed insights on building a digitally mature team that can repeatedly pivot as the business landscape evolves.

Data-Inspired Creativity: How to Use Data as More Than Information

See how to unlock the creative power of data to drive marketing and strategies and campaigns. Dyani Marvel, a marketing executive who teaches the Strategic Creativity course, shares tips and an inspirational case study in this short IMC Professional Expert Session video.


Roy Wollen

How Roy Wollen Uses Data Analytics to Solve Customers’ Problems

Analytics is more storytelling than math, according to Roy Wollen, president of Hansa Marketing Services and lecturer in the IMC Professional program. Read his advice to marketers about customer communications in a recent presentation to the Chicago AMA chapter.

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Image of laptops on a table overlaid with charts and graphs

Essential Digital Marketing Skills

How does your skillset stack up against the list of core digital marketing competencies? Use this survey of essential digital marketing skills to take stock of your strengths and weaknesses and explore some avenues for polishing your resume and professional profile.

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Finger in front of touchscreen displaying button labeled "Target Audience"

Customer-Centric Marketing and Digital Intimacy

Getting and keeping customers' attention is increasingly difficult in our hyper-connected world. It's easier to win engagement and loyalty when you prioritize the customer's needs. Learn more about customer-centricity, the core of the IMC approach pioneered at Medill.

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Roy Wollen

Embracing Technology Disruption: Find New Customers Faster with MarTech

Marketing technology advances can boost your reach and effectiveness without scaling up your team. Author and IMC Professional program Senior Lecturer Jonathan Copulsky has researched and thought deeply about martech innovation. Preview his findings here.

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Illuminated circles displaying light bulb, gears, megaphone, rocket, bullseye and the word "Brand"

What is Brand Trust? How to Recognize It and How to Build It

Building brand trust is a long-term investment in your organization’s success. It's no coincidence that the most trusted brands are also highly profitable. Take a closer look at the foundations of brand trust, how to measure it, and some steps you can take to build it.

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