Creativity + Data Insights = Big Ideas

Marketers often use data to understand and analyze our business environment and the outcomes of marketing initiatives. We use data as information, and there's no doubt that information can be valuable.

But there are also game-changing creative insights, ideas and strategies contained within the data. The question is how to unlock that creative inspiration.

Dyani Marvel, vice president of marketing strategy and operations for the iGaming company Wondr Nation and adjunct lecturer in the IMC Professional program, shares ideas, practices and an inspirational case study on using data in creative strategy.

Video Transcript

Dyani Marvel:
A data-inspired approach is completely different. A data-inspired approach brings together different. Sometimes they may be disparate types and sources of information to make connections, to tell a story. And we’ve levers the data to inspire ideas. All data types could be utilized and a data inspired approach can be used when we are problem solving during ideation. When we’re working on creative concepts. If we’re exploring innovation, and so much more.

With this approach data is used. It’s there, it’s used, but it’s used to spark, and it’s used there for inspiration for the ideas. But the story comes from the human, comes from us.

This half-hour presentation includes

  • Different ways to use data in marketing
  • Where to search for data inspiration
  • How data fits into the creative process
  • A data-inspired case study
  • How to incubate strategic creativity

Spark Creativity with Data

Dyani Marvel is a performance-driven strategic marketing leader passionate about innovation, first-to-market initiatives and harnessing creativity to drive business results. She has over 20 years of experience leading teams and directing omnichannel campaigns across various industries, targets and channels.

In this presentation, drawn from the introduction to her IMC Professional course on Strategic Creativity, Marvel will help you reframe data as a strategic catalyst.

In addition to working through the creative process, students in the Strategic Creativity course also learn about and practice using data to validate creative ideas for business alignment and generate client buy-in.

Dyani Marvel

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