Lead for Agility and Growth Amid Disruption

The pace of business disruption, driven by technological developments and global events, is revving to warp speed. How can your organization and marketing team compete and thrive through ever-accelerating change?

No organization is immune from digital disruption, and it’s increasingly hard to know what developments will change the world. So, building a digitally mature team that can repeatedly pivot as the business landscape evolves is profoundly important.

Medill Senior Lecturer Jonathan Copulsky shares action-oriented insights that will help you lead your team to success in this 55-minute video presentation.

Three books by Jonathan Copulsky

Takeaways You Can Use Every Day

  • How to attract and retain digitally savvy talent
  • What qualities to look for when recruiting
  • How to assess your organization’s digital maturity
  • How to cultivate a growth mindset
  • How to lead for alignment and agility

Learn From an Acclaimed Marketing Expert

Jonathan Capulsky headshot

Jonathan Copulsky is a senior lecturer for the IMC Professional program and the academic director of the business marketing strategy program at Northwestern University. The author or co-author of three critically acclaimed business books, he has extensive experience in marketing leadership roles for Deloitte, CCH Incorporated, Booz Allen and Time, Inc.

In this presentation drawn from the research for his most recent books, "The Technology Fallacy" (2019) and "The Transformation Myth" (2021), Copulsky shares evidence-based, actionable insights to help your organization thrive through ever-accelerating change.

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