NU Medill's IMC Program: Designed for Focused Professionals

Video Transcript

Tifair Hamed:
I think IMC is so much fun, right? MBA is helpful, don't get me wrong, at understanding marketing and accounting. We have that on the IMC side as well, there's financial classes offered through IMC, but I think once you're in your career and you are laser-focused on where you want to go, there's no doubt that I am strong and I want to succeed in marketing communication.

And I think when you know you're North Star, I was directly aligned to the IMC program, and having two small kids, working full-time, I would not have succeeded in an MBA program because I would not have been interested in probably 75% of the subjects.
And I'm about enjoying my life at this point. So, I enjoy every single class, and I can tell you it feels like a break when I'm in class. It sounds crazy, but it feels like I am with friends, I'm with family, I'm doing something that is bettering myself, it doesn't feel like a chore. So a master’s would have felt... a master's in business administration or communication would not have aligned to my interest and where I actually want to go in my career.