Kelly Gallagher (IMC22)
Image of Kelly Gallagher overlaid on Chicago skyline
Image of Kelly Gallagher overlaid on Chicago skyline
Kelly Gallagher (IMC22)

Marketing Pro to Leader: Scaling the Marketing Ladder with IMC

Meet Kelly Gallagher, a dynamic marketing professional who credits Northwestern University's Medill Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Professional master’s program with propelling her career to new heights. As a vice president at Ketchum, a global communications consultancy, Gallagher's journey reflects the transformative impact of pursuing an advanced degree in integrated marketing communications.

“Integrated marketing communications is the future of our industry. And the fact that Medill has already been 50 steps ahead and has said, ‘Hey, this is the future, and we are going to help you foster a career so you can get there,’ I think speaks volumes about their reputation.”

Choosing Medill

After earning her undergraduate degree in marketing from Penn State University, Gallagher delved into the world of advertising and public relations, gaining valuable industry experience. It was during this time that she heard about the prestigious IMC Professional program from a trusted mentor. Intrigued by the program's reputation and its focus on blending creativity with technical expertise, Gallagher embarked on her IMC journey at Medill in 2020.

Engaging Learning Environment

At Medill, Gallagher found herself immersed in a stimulating learning environment surrounded by experienced professionals from a variety of backgrounds. The program's rigorous curriculum, led by industry-leading faculty, provided her with the perfect blend of theory and practical application. Gallagher particularly valued the program's flexibility, allowing her to balance her studies with her full-time job seamlessly.

Lessons Learned and Growth

Throughout her time at Medill, Gallagher honed her strategic marketing skills, expanded her business acumen, and developed strong leadership abilities. Each course equipped her with actionable insights that she could immediately apply in her professional endeavors. From understanding diverse audience perspectives to mastering the art of effective communication, Gallagher emerged from the program with newfound confidence and expertise.

Impact on Career

The IMC Professional program served as a catalyst for Gallagher's career growth, enabling her to navigate complex marketing challenges with ease. Armed with a deeper understanding of marketing's business aspects and a robust skill set, Gallagher swiftly ascended the ranks at Ketchum, positioning herself as a trusted leader in the industry.

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