Support and Success on the IMC Master’s Journey

Video Transcript

Tifair Hamed:
It was a bit jarring going back to school after so many years, but the professors and the staff really helped us along the way, from your accepted letter to selecting classes, the counselors and the staff at Northwestern, again, are unmatched. They make you feel very welcomed and understanding that if it took you two years to five years to be able to even complete this degree, we're gonna get there together. So they were very understanding in that journey of being a full-time mom of a three and a six-year-old. When I went back, they were actually one and three with a full-time job in addition to going back to school. So I had a number of factors that could have went the complete other way of, "Can I do this?" But the counselors and again, the professors made me feel very reassured that I would be able to accomplish this goal.