Master Integrated Marketing Communications

Add cutting-edge marketing skills to your credentials. Guided by the marketing industry experts who lead Medill’s Professional Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications program, you will learn how major brands drive results using a customer centric, data-driven approach. As you come to recognize what motivates consumer choices, you will become a force for changing them.

Upon graduating, you will join the influential, tight-knit network of 18,000 Medill alumni, whose accomplishments and commitment to your success match the quality of the Northwestern experience you will all share.

Program Details

  • Designed for the working professional
  • Three years post-graduate work experience required for admittance
  • 13 units
    • Three core courses
    • 10 electives
  • Four quarters per year
  • Program can be completed in less than two years
  • Hybrid program: complete coursework online or include on-site classes in your curriculum
  • Two opportunities to start per year: September and January
  • A STEM-designated program

With unparalleled quality, a Medill education sets you apart and puts you ahead.

Build expertise through experience.

You will have the opportunity to solve real marketing challenges with input from leading scholars and industry authorities. In collaboration with the diverse professionals in your cohort, you will become adept at creating innovative marketing communications strategies and engaging consumers in the digital age.

Grasp the big picture in detail.

Gain deep marketplace knowledge, comprised of insights and data, that will help you make strategic decisions and adapt to a changing industry. Medill IMC equips you with a comprehensive understanding of how to balance qualitative and quantitative data to build strong brands.

Broaden your perspective. Learn in new places.

We believe in the power of learning in new contexts and locations.

At Medill, you have the unique opportunity to take immersive short courses onsite across the country and around the globe. Upon completion of the program's core courses, there are also short courses that you may consider taking with Medill faculty in Chicago, Evanston, San Francisco, London, Santiago or various cities in Asia. In doing so, you will experience the art and science of marketing through the lens of new cultures, which will deepen your understanding of diverse consumers and marketplaces.

Our priority is always the health and safety of our students, so we may make adjustments to planned travel based on guidance from Northwestern's Office of Global Safety and Security.

Medill IMC students abroad in Asia

Become an expert in consumer understanding.
Learn the latest practices in marketing in a digital world and build your confidence to lead. From a foundation in research, finance and the IMC strategic process, you will branch out into electives in consumer insight, innovation, digital analytics, law and ethics, shopper marketing and beyond. Through study with world-class faculty and the experienced professionals who comprise your cohort, you will be immediately able to apply the knowledge you gained in class to your working life.

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